Thursday, February 10, 2005

Common OCI Thread

Today's quote: "C'mere. I'm very happy we're going to have all the sex."
"You should be. I'm very bendy." Meow~!

So everyone knows that OCI have been going on this week. It's pretty hard to miss the people wandering around BLB in their suits, especially when the professors seem to like making a point of calling on these poor people when they're already stressed about the interview.

I have now had two interviews, and I'm wondering if I'm going to run into the same question over and over: "What's blogging?"

I guess I was stupid enough to list that as an interest on my resume. I just thought that it would show that I invest my time in something outside of school, and how I like to commiserate with my fellow law students. But apparently, they don't even know what is meant by blogging. Towards the end of one interview, the two attorneys looked at each other, and the woman goes, "I'm going to ask the question, ok?" Then she turns to me, and I was thinking, what the hell is she about to ask me? She kinda leaned in, to which I unconsciously leaned away, and she goes, "What's blogging?" I almost started laughing hysterically. They even asked me if I knew the origin of the word.

So yes, I'm going 2/2 so far, because the next interviewer asked me the same thing. The funny thing is, they almost seem disappointed by my response. I don't think they quite understand the consequences of having a blog, nor how it can affect your fellow students. Maybe if I compared it as the techno-geek version of One L, they'd understand better?

I don't know what I'm going to do if they ask me for my blog. I suppose I hadn't really thought this through. Well, before last week I really thought I had nothing to hide about my blog, but now I may have some concern about how they might feel about that whole drama that went down. There have been people who lost jobs because of their blogs, I don't want to end up as one those stupid shmucks who don't get one because of a blog.


Arbusto said...

Wow, they must be kind of out of the loop to not know what a "blog" is. Didn't we get named as the people of the year? Isn't it how many pundits give their views on the news? I'm probably making too many assumptions have grown up with so much technogoly at my disposal.

Also, you have read One-L by Turow? How true is your law school to that? I'm assuming (a bad thing to do) that your school is larger than mine. I know my school is nothing like Harvard. I'm just curious if your experience is more along those lines.

Z*lda said...

Are you listing it on your resume? I'd just append a definition, such as "Internet journaling" or "online commentary on a personal web page" or just "weblog" or whatever you feel comfortable with [in professional-ese, of course]. "Blog" is definitely an informal and idiomatic term. But I'm sure your interviewers have heard of the Internet....

hufflepuffer said...

Yeah, I've read One L recently. I really liked it just b/c they had it so much harder. I really don't think it is that bad here. I got away with not studying for my finals last semester and I didn't end up failing. Our law school isn't that big...around 600ish?