Sunday, February 13, 2005

Risk-factor quiz

Today's quote: No capes!

Ladies and gents, here is the Risk-factor quiz. (Score yourself accordingly to directions. Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for detrimental reliance on this quiz.)

1) Size of the class (are there over 50 people?)
Section: 5.
40-60 people: 4.
80+: 3.

2) How scary is the prof? How pissed would they be if you admitted you had not read?
Rate your professor on a scary scale of 1-10, and add that to your total.

3) Have you already been called on?
Yes: 1.
If you haven't been called on yet at this time of the semester: 6.

4) If you have been called on, did you do well? (if you've done well skip to question 6; if you haven't gotten called on yet, skip to question 5).
Yes: 0.
Did ok: 1.
Not so well: 3. Some professors like to ambush those who didn't do so well to make an example out of them.

5) Have other people who didn't do well gotten called on again? (apparently some professors like to go back to the same people if they didn't do so well the first or second time.)
Yes: 3.
No: 0.

6) Does the professor just like picking on you?
Yes: 3.
No: 0.

7) Does the professor do rolling thunder, or select panels (and are you going to be up soon)?
Yes, and you're not going to be up soon: 0.
No: 5.

8) Are you wearing a suit to class? (professors love picking on those dressed up for interviews)
Yes: 4.
No: 2.

9) Is the professor the type to stick with a person who's not doing well, or drag the torture out no matter what? (for example, our property professor last semester)
Sticks with someone: 5.
Moves on to others: 3.

10) Is this a class you could conceivably skip w/o feeling too badly over watching the tape from the safety of the lab or your home instead? (for example, civ pro)
Yes: 2.
No: 4.

11) Is your last name difficult to pronounce? I swear professors try to avoid those with hard names.
Yes: 2.
No: 4.

12) Do you already talk a lot in class? (really, are you a gunner? It seems like the professors have heard enough from these people, so tend not to call on them)
Yes: 2.
No: 5.

13) Does the professor call on people randomly from a deck of cards, or does he mark off on the seating chart as he goes? (eventually your number will be up then)
Randomly from cards: 2.
Seating chart: 4.

14) How far is into the semester is it and you still haven't been called on?
Been called on already: 1.
First week: 2.
Third week: 4.
Fifth week: 6.
Basically, (# week into semester) + 1.

15) Does the professor take attendance? (if you miss class lots and the prof does take attendance, they tend to go after you the minute you do show your face again)
Yes, and you've missed class more than once: 5.
No: 1.

Walk On By 20-33: Not very likely you're going to get called on in the next class.

Cruisin' 34-46: There's a possibility, but you probably won't get called on next class.

Trouble 47-59: You should be a little worried, probably best to have done the reading.

I Will Survive 60-72: You better have done the reading, because there's a good chance your neck will be in the noose by next session. Be prepared to feed the answer monster.

I tested this on myself for the class I got called on in last week, and I came out with a 56. Since that's the high end of the third range, I wish I'd made this quiz before. Maybe that would have prepared me for that class better.

By the way, section-risk is an entirely different manner. That's because they tend to pick panels or do rolling thunder. Depending on what the teacher does, it's your own call. As a rule, I think it's usually a good idea to be prepared for section if they don't do the panel thing, since there are so few people in it.


x said...

What is "section" we didn't have a class called that in MN.

hufflepuffer said...

Section is where they pick one of the subjects to be smaller. First semester it had about 30 people in it, this semester it has about 20. This is the class that has writing assignments given out to us.

Anonymous said...

you are so NOT clever
I think this is the last time I'm reading your blog. It's inane and unoriginal and you have a really boring writing style.

hufflepuffer said...
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hufflepuffer said...

I'm sorry that you have spent all this time reading my blog, and then further wasted more of your precious time commenting on how much you hate it and won't read it again. Too bad you can't see which finger I'm holding up.

Anonymous said...

No offense, but this is a little...trite.

Anonymous said...

I slept through class today. Then I found this, ran the test, and scored a 60. My friends told me I got called on this morning.

hufflepuffer said...

Excellent! This is totally helpful to get feedback.

E. Hula said...

In the amount of time it took me to do this quiz, I could have just done the reading.