Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Harrowing day

I got called on today in one of my classes. Unfortunately, it was the class I hate the most. So I continue on sputtering like an idiot, unable to explain my "brilliant" points that I introduce to the class, basically saying stuff like, "Uh...duhhrrrr..." until finally the class is over and my torture ends. Anyway, the professor comes up to me and says, "You did a good job today." Instead of thanking him, I blink and go "Nuh-uh." I think I actually shocked him. He goes, "What?!" Meanwhile, I'm thinking, goddammit why can't you think before you speak?! Yeah...I must be the only law student to contradict a law professor's compliment. Anyway, the reason that I said this was because my theory is that this professor is such a nice guy that he always tries to soften blows by giving compliments. For instance, after my conference with him over my crappy memo yesterday, and after basically telling me I needed to rethink my whole argument for the rewrite, he added, "By the way, you write really well."

I know, I know, I should just take the comments at face-value and say thank you and keep my mouth shut. Sometimes I wish I wasn't so honest.

As if that wasn't enough, I went to the post office to pick up a package, and left my wallet there. I didn't notice my wallet was missing until I drove all the way back home, and then looked for it everywhere. I concluded that I must have left it at the p.o., so I drove all the way back praying that I wouldn't get pulled over. Since I've been too lazy to get my license renewed still, not only do I not even have a valid driver's license anymore, but now I had NO license. Great. The only thing was, it was 6:15 by then, and it closed at 5. I was just hoping for the best. I got there, and ran up to the door. Lo and behold, my wallet is sitting on the outside door handle to the office. I was so relieved, but at the same time, I was a bit shocked that they would just leave someone's personal effects out to dry like that. Maybe they thought that I would be back quickly, but still...? They're involuntary bailees, I suppose, but isn't this a little different since they have my i.d., and thus know exactly who I am? I should email Kurtzy about this; wouldn't this make a perfectly annoying property exam question on liability of the post office?


Anonymous said...

I suppose that depends on whether the wallet was "lost" or "mislaid." ha ha

Arbusto said...

If it contained old bills, treasure trove?

Anonymous said...

Property issues aside, it's an Iowa thing. There are drawbacks to being here but I sincerely think people are nicer and more trusting than most other places. The guy (or gal) who left your wallet out for you wasn't thinking "I hope someone doesn't steal it" but "Boy, this girl is going to be bumming without her wallet; I'll help her out." Pretty cool, actually :-) And I'm glad you got it back!

Anonymous said...

haha, that was such a law student post!