Monday, February 28, 2005

Can you really buy your grade?

Today's quote: You... you bought all that pudding so that you could get frequent flier miles?

I was sitting here scanning my textbook titles for my contracts book, when I realized that I shouldn't have to scan, it should be immediately apparent where it is. But it isn't, and this is because I have so many hornbooks and/or brief books or commercial outlines. I literally have some kind of study aid for every single class. For property I have the commercial outline by Kurtz & Cain, and the brief book keyed to the textbook, plus the hornbook written by Kurtz & Hovenkamp. For con law I have the Chemerinsky hornbook, and the brief book keyed to the textbook, plus a little Con Law in a Nutshell book that my professor lent me. I have the Farnsworth hornbook and brief book keyed to the text for contracts, plus the brief book for my Contracts book last semester, in case I like those briefs better. For civ pro I have the Roadmap to Civ Pro, which I like very much.

Yes, I have spent a pretty penny on my books. Well, maybe it's not so bad since I got some of these used. Oh yeah, I also have the flash cards for contracts and property.

I'm hoping I'll be able to fob off all these study aids onto incoming 1Ls next year, and recoup some of my investment. The funniest thing is, I've done the best in classes I didn't look at study aids too much for. For instance, I was going to hawk my crim flashcards next year by saying, "These helped me get the grade I got in Crim my first semester." Then my friend pointed out that I better take the shrink-wrap off them if I wanted to say that.

My conclusion? I study harder w/o study aids, but I need the peace of mind that comes with expending lots of money and getting lots of hornbooks. I'm always thinking that the information is there, all I need to do is read it.