Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The devil(s)!!

Btw, I know Jin said to eBay my microcruzer. Sorry, but if you mention eBay to me, I have to spit. Maybe not in your eye, but I'll settle for your shoe. Ebay is the number one bitch for screwing up payment fees if you're a seller. I used to do some moderate selling on there, through the beginning of last year. I sold an enormous disco ball (don't ask why I had it) for $30 to someone living in NY. I got charged about $2 for the sale, which was ok to me. But then, the next month I got another statement for an extra $15, b/c eBay wrongfully tried to charge me again, except that my credit card on file was expired, so they tacked on the $15 charge to the $1.77 charge. I'm going, wtf. So I email them, and they email me back saying they'll take the charge off if I update my cc info like a good little customer. Like a moron, I fell for the trick. Then eBay charges me $15 THREE MORE TIMES.

Did you ever realize that eBay does not have a customer service # you can call? Maybe they do now, but they sure as heck didn't back then. All arguments were to no avail. It didn't seem to matter to them that they shouldn't have charged me in the first place, meaning they would not have incurred penalty for trying to charge an expired card if they hadn't been so stupid to begin with. Nope, nada. In the end, I managed to get all but one of the $15 charges reversed. Eventually, I gave up in exhaustion. Yes, I let the corporate sneaky bastards run over me. So for selling a stupid disco ball for $30, I got charged $16.77.

Apparently there is a class action suit against eBay. I hope they teach those bastards a lesson.

My other devils: Wal-Mart, Ikea, and Blockbuster. More on them later.