Wednesday, February 09, 2005


I honestly feel like I'm running on crack. I didn't go to sleep until 4am reading Contracts. Why was I up so late reading Contracts? Because I didn't start reading it until midnight, because before that I'd been reading A Civil Action. Even though it's a good book, I'm still resentful that he required extra reading on top of the text for the class. Doesn't he know that we're law students? We don't have time to read hardly anything outside of class, plus the research for our memos!

Sorry. Seems like all I do lately is whine whine, bitch, moan.

This morning I actually blacked out for a moment in the shower. It's the first time I have fallen asleep standing up. You know what I feel like? One of those old phones with a battery that just won't hold a charge anymore. You know, you turn it on and talk for 5 minutes before it dies on you. The question is, how do I get a new "battery"?

Today's quote: If you can dodge traffic, you can dodge a ball.

I figure if a bunch of idiots can get hit by cars, I can put up with a little work.


Anonymous said...

The movie is very true to the book...that would save you some time.
How do you "recover?" Take a "sanity day," as a friend of mine calls them. Ditch class, sleep in, and go to a movie or something.
- MN 3L

Anonymous said...

That quote ish pretty good, but I like "If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball."

- long time reader, first time poster

Derek said...

I know exactly what you mean. I was doing that quite a bit last semester, and after Christmas I finally forced myself into a healthier schedule. Nothing good ever came of dragging myself to class after four hours of sleep just to fight to keep my eyes from crossing while the professor droned on and on and on...

hufflepuffer said...

Well what's scary about me is that I can function fairly well on almost no sleep. I can go the entire week on about 3-4 hours of sleep every night, and still pay attention in class. That's what I'm scared about, b/c I'm afraid one day I will just drop in my tracks. I'm like that with food too. Most times I don't even register hunger until it's too late and I'm about to pass out from starving.

OH lawyer! said...

It's all about working smarter, not longer. You will probably find out that at least 50% of the reading you are doing is superfluous for passing the final exams or the bar exam.

btw, ignore MN 3L. You succeed by going to class and actively listening and participating. Skipping class only digs a deeper hole for yourself. You need sanity? Go get laid this weekend. O.k.? Now back to work!!! ;)