Monday, February 07, 2005

Vicious circles

Ok, this is a weird dilemma. This semester seems about 10 times harder than last semester, so I'm correspondingly more depressed all the time. Therefore, I want to spend more time doing other things that make me happier. But then this takes time away from me possibly studying, so then classes seem harder, and then I'm back where I am again.

Does anyone know how to break this vicious cycle? Right now it seems the only thing I could do is to just live at the library, but when I get home at midnight, I feel like some gross slimy thing oozing out from under a rock in the mud somewhere.

Right now I'm seeking refuge in movies. I think I'm going to pick a movie quote of the day and whenever I get down about something, like my crappy memo or feeling stupid in class, I'll just think about the quote.

Today's quote: "Have you ever wondered if there was more to life, other than being really, really, ridiculously good looking?" Yeah, baby, yeah!

Now I'm going to go do the chicken dance.


Karass said...

Zoolander? funny movie! Here's a quote from the rare times I was watching MTV (i.e. nothing else to watch at 12:30pm). A commercial from Ashley Simpson's new show:

Ashley: I like to find myself through cutting my hair.
(but she doesn't cut it herself)
Mom: That looks horrible. There's a hole business aspect to cutting your hair.
Ashley: I don't care about the business aspect, only the arrtiiisstticcccc.

Will someone shoot her please???

hufflepuffer said...

Wait long enough, and I think someone will. Everytime I turn on MTV, there she is abusing the word "artist" or "artistic." There's something to be said for people who are the shit and don't need to say it, vs. those fakers who are trying to shove their "artistry" in your face all the time.

Arbusto said...

Try spicing up the study. I often run off to a book shop or coffe place. Such as today, Iwill go off and hide in the Border's coffee area so I get the best of both worlds!

Anonymous said...

You might try avoiding other law students, that's what I did. I got sick of listening to wankers whine about their studying or grades. But I am antisocial. Well, that and I hate the people I am going to school with. I studied in undergrad libraries and coffee shops.
1st yr. pretty much every school curves down, so there is no point in aiming higher than a B. It's much easier to boost your GPA with seminars and shit later in school.
--MN 3L

Faceless Knob said...

Are you sure you want to study law?

Anonymous said...

MN 3L:

You seriously just gave me something to live for today. Thanks.

-1L wondering why I'm putting myself through all this bs

Tiny Montgomery said...

Why are you going to law school anyway?

Kerri Rachelle said...

So what made you want to be a laywer? What kind of law do you want to practice??

Arbusto said...

Don't have to desire to become a lawyer to be a law student.

hufflepuffer said...

I sometimes think I want to work with divorce law, maybe child custody. If I have to work with law, I know it's gotta be the spicy stuff that deals with people. I might even go so far as to say criminal law, although I think I'm the type who'd become discouraged with the system too easily and all the scumbags there are out there.

Seriously, Arbusto has it right. I don't actually want to practice law. Career Services says their highest-earning alum is a woman who beads and makes wedding tiaras. I'm kind of hoping something like that will come my way. Maybe I can be a fashion editor who gets to write an occasional article that has a fashiony legal spin? Blah, I need to stop thinking that Legally Blonde is for real.

Anonymous said...

I get through my days by hating other law students, hiding in the library, then going home to watch hours and hours of television with my guinea pig and hedghog.

Wow, that makes me sound really, really weird, doesn't it? I swear I'm not a sociopath.

Anyway, one thing that's cheering me up lately is applying for a summer job that's not related to law (it's a position doing children's theatre for a Shakespeare festival). Thinking about other stuff is a really great way to escape!