Saturday, February 26, 2005

Concurrent Conditions and Tender

Today's quote: Suicide gave Heather depth, Kurt a soul, and Ram a brain. I don't know what it's given me, but I have no control over myself when I'm with J.D. Are we going to prom or to hell?

I'm annoyed as all hell that BMG didn't deliver my ordered selection for Louis Armstrong. It was supposed to be 4 cds for $17, a range of his best music from beginning to end. But instead I got a letter in the mail saying that they weren't going to ship it to me, nor were they planning on it, and to please not order that selection again. WTF?

Anyway, here I am trying to catch up on 2 weeks worth of Contracts reading, and I come across a section in my text that says "the party who sues the other for non-performance must aver that he has performed, or was ready to perform, his part of the contract."

I think I can easily show that, since I entered my cc # for the entire shipment to be charged. Obviously since that was not the only thing I bought, I was ready to perform my part of the contract. Eh, I guess that there was something I signed in the membership agreement saying that I can't do something like this. But what about robbing me of the benefit of the bargain? Suckiness.